Top 12 Places to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the underrated and under visited countries in Europe. This is mostly linked to its current political temperature. Nevertheless, it is the home to some beautiful places, some of which are listed as UNESCO World heritage sites. You will see variety of landscapes, ancient castles, old towns, vibrant cities and fun activities, […]

7 Charming Places to Visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an extraordinary country. It has plenty of things to offer. This ranges from the green countryside, canals, medieval sites, shorelines and urban cities. You will also be amazed by the architectural design and the natural beauty of this country. Make sure you visit the below seven places while in the Netherlands:

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country full of contrasts: imposing mountain ranges and fertile plains, lively bathing houses and deserted picturesque beaches, rapidly growing cities and sleepy villages. It is full of multicultural history. It recalls siege and defeat that have left traces everywhere. With an array of historical places and archaeological excavation sites, each one deserves […]

Top 15 Wonderful Places to Visit in Switzerland

All the quaint stereotypes are true – cheese, chocolate, clocks, obsessive punctuality – but there’s much more to Switzerland than this. The major cities are cosmopolitan and vibrant, transport links are excellent, and the scenery takes your breath away. Switzerland is diverse and multilingual – almost everyone speaks some English along with at least one […]

Amazing Cities to Visit in Spain

Spain is a mix of old and new, modern and traditional. For the traveler, Spain means many things: bullfights, massive cathedrals, world-class art, Muslim palaces, whitewashed villages, delicious paella, sunny beaches, and lively nightlife. You’ll find all those things, but the country’s charm really lies in its people and their unique lifestyle. From the stirring […]

You Should Visit These Gorgeous Places in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country situated in central Europe. It borders Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. This country is also a leading attraction spots in Europe you should consider. The gothic churches, interesting local culture, the towns and nature are some attractions you will see when you tour Slovakia. You must tour the below […]

Some Gorgeous Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is one of the countries that constitute the United Kingdom. Scotland has for years been considered a top country for a weekend break or vacation. Be assured of plenty of cultural experiences, historical attraction sites and fun activities. The beauty of Scotland is undeniable. In fact, some bestselling movies have been casted in Scotland. […]