Fabulous Places to Visit in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina has been underrated for numerous years. It is located in Europe and is neighbored by Montenegro and Croatia. Tourists started flooding in Bosnia & Herzegovina, when advertisements about fabulous places to visit in this country, were made public. There are exceptional landscapes, monuments, and diverse culture. Above all; Bosnia & Herzegovina history […]

Top Tourists Destinations in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. Although Bulgaria is a relatively small country it has a lot to offer for all travelers seeking both popular holiday spots and hidden gems. It has plenty of cliffs, mountains, monasteries, medieval fortresses, Thracian tombs, and rich culture. This makes it a good spot for a vacation. Bulgaria has […]

Popular Destinations to Have a Fulfilling Vacation in Belarus

This former Soviet republic may still be more Soviet than European, but it has plenty to offer the trailblazing traveler. Belarus is one of the countries that have managed to lay a low profile. This is mostly of its neighbors such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia. Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. There are […]

Amazing attractions to visit in Austria

Austria is a top holiday destination for people touring Europe. It attracts tourists throughout the year, despite the season. Vienna is the capital city of this European nation. Austria has fantastic mountain regions that are appealing for the eye. There are also various types of fun activities you can engage yourself in both in summer […]

Why Armenia Should Be Your Number One Tourist Spot

A section of Armenia touches Asia and other Europe. Armenia is considered an ancient country because its rich history extends more than 3500 years ago. Additionally, there are natural and artificial sceneries you can enjoy when you visit this small country. These are some of the reasons the number of tourists, both local and international […]