Sustainable Tourism: How to become a Good Tourist

Travelling is a rare golden opportunity; not everyone has. Becoming a tourist means you have a mindset of meeting with different cultures and traversing through vast terrains to meet different people.

If you endeavour to become a tourist, it is fundamental to learn how to be a good tourist and align your dreams and goals to sustainable tourism. You will mingle with people of different religions; hence you need to be responsible and a good ambassador. As a tourist, you should be open to new experiences, have cultural sensitivity, and have vast knowledge about the places you visit before the actual dates.

The steps below shall help you become a better tourist with a flair for sustainability.

Do research beforehand

Before you tour a place or a country, do thorough research to catch heads-up with culture, religion, language and general know-how about the people living in those places. If possible, use tour guides for a better experience in your adventure. Check reviews sites like UK reviews bird to find the right tour guide. Go the extra mile to understand people’s cultures and religions living in places you anticipate to tour. Learn the common key phrases for the language used by the locals. Please don’t assume they speak English even when most people worldwide speak English; the locals will appreciate the gesture of you getting some interest in speaking their native language.

Check the weather and dress appropriately.

Some countries experience a wide variety of climates, carry on your backpack apparel for every type of weather so that you can change your clothing on the go. A country or state can experience extreme weather within a short span.

Make sure you get all the vaccines required before visiting a country.

Different countries have infectious diseases, and you need vaccines to protect you from contacting them. Visit the CDCP website to determine what type of vaccines are mandatory to get for each country you tour. It is mandatory to have a typhoid vaccine when visiting Thailand, for example.

Rely on a tour guide to answer all the questions you may have

A guide is a resourceful person who can answer all the questions you may have about a city or a country. You will get more info than when you rely on online research or read tour guides. Your tour guide will keep you heads-up about local businesses and services you may need while visiting. Your tour guide is mostly likely to be a resident of the place you are visiting, and they will recommend restaurants, bars and joints they prefer.

Respect the wildlife and don’t feed them

There is a chance that your home country’s local wildlife is different from what you find in the regions you are visiting. You do not need to feed or interact with them. Otherwise, you could endanger the ecosystem.

Don’t litter around anyhow

Keep your trash until you find the perfect opportunity to dispose of your litter. Littering anyhow is a sign of disrespect and the locals, or the authorities won’t take it lightly.

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