12 Beautiful Destinations That You Should Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a well known country in Europe. It is known for its rich Viking history and beautiful landscapes such as volcanoes, national parks and glaciers among others. There are also some breathtaking destinations in Iceland. Some twelve beautiful destinations in this country stand out. Ensure you check out some of these destinations when in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon (Geothermal Pool)

The Blue Lagoon, commonly known as the geothermal pool was opened in the year 1976. Since then, it has been attracting people from different parts of the globe. The Blue lagoon is situated next to Svartsengi geothermal plant. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Iceland. The hot and steamy water doesn’t contain any chemicals. This water only contains natural minerals. The natural minerals in the Blue Lagoon improve the health and outlook of the skin. Additionally, water is changed after every 48 hours. This is the reason the water is always milky-blue throughout. Temperature around the geothermal pool is 39 degree Celsius throughout. This is the reason you can bath anytime of the day and have some rejuvenating time.

The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. You will see some landscapes as you drive towards this location. This place is also easily accessible by road. That is one of the reasons it is fully booked all year round. You are encouraged to book in advance before visiting this famous geothermal pool.

The Westfjords Region

West Fjords region is one of the most beautiful parts of Iceland. This is the most recommended places if you want to explore the spectacular nature in this country. You will see high mountains as you drive through the West Fjords region. There are also beaches and waterfalls around this region. Ensure you check out the Isafjorour, the capital of West Fjords region. This place is characterized by untouched beautiful nature and high mountains. Skiing is another popular activity here during winter. You can also go fishing while in Isafjorour. Visit Hornstrandir if you want some hiking adventure. Mountains around Hornstrandir offer different hiking challenge. Furthermore, the area is surrounded by nature.

Hesteyri is another destination in the West Fjords region that is recommended for hiking and camping. Proceed to Bolafjall. This fishing village is surrounded by Bolafjall Mountain. The top of the mountain offers a spectacular view of Bolafjall fishing village. You can also catch some fish while at this fishing village. The West Fjords region is well known for its stunning mountains. Vigur Island offers a stunning view of the West Fjords Mountains from a unique angle. Visit Flateyri, for in depth information of the natural disasters that occurred in the past.

West Fjords region is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. Therefore, embark on a sailing tour to admire this region from a different angle. Proceed with your trip to Valagil ravine. Valagil ravine has a high waterfall. This is the reason a lot of people check out Valagil ravine whenever they are in the West Fjords region. Iceland has a rich Viking history. Consider visiting Pingeyri village for a ride on a Viking shaped boat.

Commence your trip to the Icelandic sea monster museum. This museum will help you understand different things about the sailing quests people undertook and the advancements over the years. Art lovers should visit Samuel jonsson’s art museum while in the West Fjords region. This museum houses a variety of collections. Dynjandi waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in this part of Iceland. Latrabjarg cliff is one of the most visited cliffs in the country. There are different bird species on this location. Latrabjarg cliff also offers a stunning background for taking pictures. Spare some time and check out Raudisandur beach.

Visit Reykholar to see different bird species. You should also visit Flatey Island, Djupavik and the museum of Icelandic sorcery & witchcraft while in West Fjords region.

Jökulsárlón Lake

Jokulsarlon Lake is one of the natural jewels in the country you should check out. This lake is also called the diamond beach. The ice chunks of this lakes look like diamond when viewed from a distance. People visit this destination all year round. It is actually one of the most visited sites in Iceland. Jokulsarlon Lake offers a perfect background for taking pictures. The beauty of this location has made it a popular spot for filming movies. You will grasp a rough idea of how Jokulsarlon Lake was formed. Normally the melted glacial water is what formed this lake. This is the reason Jokulsarlon Lake keeps on increasing in size as time progresses. That’s not all; seals can be spotted swimming on the river and along the coastline. There are also a couple of bird species you will see at this location.


Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. There are plenty of things to see on this capital. This city is well known for its rich history and beautiful destinations. Make Hallgrimskirkja church your first stop while at Reykjavik. This church took more than 40 years to complete. Check out both the interior and exterior of this church. Iceland is basically surrounded by ocean. Take advantage of this and embark on whale watching tour while in Reykjavik. You will be able to see different types of whale such as minke whales and humpback whales. There are instances when you might spot dolphins. There are different kinds of whale watching tours to choose from.

Create time and focus on downtown Reykjavik. There are plenty of affordable shops and local eateries on this part of the city. Ensure you grab a souvenir before leaving the downtown. There is also a section of downtown Reykjavik that allows you to see the sun set in the evening. Proceed to Harpa concert hall. The architectural design of this hall will leave you starring for a while. You might get lucky to witness a live concert on this award winning structure.

Reykjavik is also known for its thermal pools. The thermal pools are distributed around the city. Visit one of the thermal pools while in the capital city. The thermal pools are relaxing and you feel rejuvenated. These pools are part of the Icelandic culture. Visit the settlement exhibition museum for an idea of the early Viking settlement. You will see a replica of the early Viking settlement inside this museum. There are also archaeological artifacts in this museum. Tours around the settlement exhibition museum are guided. Proceed with your tour to Mount Esja. Mount Esja is well known for its diverse hiking trails. These hiking trails offer different hiking challenges.

That’s not all; Reykjavik also houses Perlan museum of Icelandic natural wonders. First, you will be stunned by the beauty of this museum. You will see a replicate ice cave inside the museum. This museum also offers a perfect view of a section of the city. Don’t leave the capital city without checking out the old harbor area. This harbor is one of the most visited sites in Reykjavik. It offers a perfect view of the bay. Mount Esja is also visible from a distance. The old harbor area is also full of some colored houses. Arbaer open air museum, Videy Island and Bruarfoss waterfall are other attractions you should check out.

Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell national park is one of the destinations you must visit while in Iceland. This national park has plenty of hiking paths. The landscape around Skaftafell national park offers different hiking adventure. Hiking also allows you to admire the beauty of the landscape. This national park is open to the public all year round. The roads around Skaftafell national park are well maintained. You will see different kinds of glaciers around this national park. Oraefajokull volcano is a must visit place while at the national park. A section of Skaftafell national park is covered by forest. Surprisingly, a section of the national park is desert. Visit this place if you want to see different bird species. You will definitely enjoy every part of your tour.

Borgarfjörður Eystri

Borgarfjordur Eystri brings out the beauty of Iceland. This fishing village has some one of the most colorful mountains in Iceland. That is the reason people love hiking here whenever they visit Iceland. The rocks vary in size and shape to offer different hiking challenges. The renowned painter Kjarval was born here. You will also see a 1914 Kjarval altarpiece on this fishing village. There is a myth that the elf queen lives on this village because of its beauty. Iceland is renowned for plenty of musical festivals. Borgarfjordur Eystri is privileged to house the famous Braedslan music festival. This musical event attracts both local and international celebrities.

Hiking within the mountains is pretty straightforward. There are marked hiking trails. Alternatively, you should look for a guide. Borgarfjordur Eystri is also a perfect bird watching site. You will be privileged to see different kinds of bird species. They range from Skuas, sans, divers, geese and moorland birds.

Skógar Village

Skogar village is a perfect gateway for anyone who wants a break from the busy city life. Roads leading to Skogar village are in good shape. Therefore, you can easily access this remove village on the southern part of the country. This tiny village frequently attracts tourists throughout the year. There is a regional museum at this village. Ensure you check out this museum whenever you are around. You will see different kinds of collections inside this museum. Skogar village is also located near Skogafoss waterfall. This waterfall can be viewed from different angles. It also offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Tröllaskagi Peninsula

Trollaskagi peninsula is a hidden gem in Iceland. It is one of the beautiful destinations you should check out whenever you are in Iceland. Its high mountains make you feel in another world. Anyone who visits Trollaskagi peninsula is amazed by the beauty of this site. Fishing is the main activity handled by the local residents here. Therefore, you should consider fishing with the local residents if you have some free time. There is a herring museum in Trollaskagi peninsula. Ensure you check out this museum before leaving this part of the country.

Check out the ever green valleys and mountains through hiking for a perfect view of the environment here. Horse riding is another popular activity in Trollaskagi peninsula you should try out.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula houses a wide range of sites. They range from beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, glacier and volcanic craters, among others. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour on this part of Iceland. Start your tour by making a stop at the Gerouberg cliffs. This cliff offers an aerial view of the surrounding environment. Go on to Ytri Tunga Seal Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iceland and Europe at large. You might get lucky and see harbor seals. Proceed with your tour and check out Bjarnarfoss waterfall. Bjarnarfoss waterfall is visible from different angles. This waterfall also offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Budakirkja black church is another gem in Snaefellsnes peninsula you should check out. This wooden church was built during the 19th century. The Budakirkja black church also has a hotel. Anyone who visits this site has a glamorous view of the surrounding mountain region. This church also takes you back to the old era through its design. Move on to Rauofeldsgja Gorge. This mountain region in Snaefellsnes peninsula is full of green moss. Take a walk around this gorge while admiring the surrounding environment. Do you love hiking? If yes, consider hiking from Arnarstapi to Hellnar hike while in this part of the country. You will enjoy every moment of hiking at this location.

Londrangar cliffs are also situated in Snaefellsnes peninsula. Take time and check out one of the most beautiful cliffs in Iceland. The over 700,000 year old Snaefellsjokull glacier is another gem you should check out. This glacier is famous for hiking and snowmobiling, among others. Djupalonssandur black beach, Saxholar crater, Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, Road 56, Stykkisholmur and Berserkjahraun lava fields are other beautiful destinations in Snaefellsnes peninsula you should check out.

Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago

Vestmannaeyjar Islands are located on the South coast. There are islands are 15 in total. All the islands here were formed through volcanic activities. The oldest island is Heimaey, which is also the largest. It is also the only Island that offers permanent residence. Therefore, create time and check out these islands. Surtsey is the youngest islands. It was formed in the year 1967. You will see basalt columns on all the islands you visit. There are different kinds of boats to choose from on your trip around Vestmannaeyjar islands. It all depends on your preference. There are plenty of things to do apart from admiring the beautiful landscapes. You should check out Sagnheimar folk museum, Saeheimar aquarium, Eldheimar volcano museum and local restaurants while at these Islands. You can also embark on hiking.

Askja Road

The road infrastructure across Iceland makes most beautiful tourist destinations accessible by road. Askja road is one of the commonly used roads in this country. It cuts across Dyngjufjoll Mountains. Askja road is different from other roads because it was formed as a result of volcanic activity. Traces of the volcanic activity are still visible to the public. You will also be able to see Lake Oskjuvatn, the deepest lake in Iceland. The beautiful Viti volcano is also visible through Askja road. You can go hiking from Viti volcano to Oskjuvatn Lake if you have some time to spare. Some people also bath at Viti Volcano.

Húsavík Town

Husavik town is considered the oldest settlement recorded in this country. This town is located in Pingeyjarsysla district. Start your tour by embarking on the famous whale watching tours. You can spot different kinds of whales at Skjalfandi bay. Skjalfandi bay is also the home to different sea creatures. Proceed with your tour to the Local whale museum. This museum houses a blue whale skeleton that is roughly 22m long. Carry on to the Museum house at Husavik. This museum is divided into sections. Tour around the museum house at Husavik is guided. Husavik town also offers a glimpse into the cultural life of the local people. Feel free to participate in some activities.

Iceland has for a long time been a top tourist destination hub in Europe. Consider touring this country whenever you are in Europe. You will enjoy every moment of your tour.

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