Did you know that over 50 million people visited Turkey in 2019? Turkey has something for everyone. Whether you want good weather, great food, or friendly local people, Turkey has it in abundance.

Did you know that there are many amazing historical sites in Turkey? Turkey is known as the gateway between the east and the west. Records show that many different civilizations have passed through or existed in Turkey over thousands of years.

What historical sites should you look for when planning your trip to Turkey? There are hundreds. However, today we will recommend just three. Why not follow our article to find out.

1. Göreme Open Air Museum

The Göreme area, known as Cappadocia is a unique and stunning landscape has captivated tourists for decades. The landscape is made up of naturally occurring stone pillars. the pillars are composed of naturally soft porous rock. This means that it is easy to dig into them and create man-made caves.

This was discovered thousands of years ago, and so hundreds of dwellings and over 30 churches were carved into the rocks. Much of this development was carried out in the second century by Christian communities. You can visit their churches and still see the original frescoes on the walls.

These historical sites are located on some of the well-developed trekking routes in Cappadocia. Following these trails will bring you to some truly stunning and unique scenery. The best time to visit Turkey and Cappodocia is early or late summer. Midsummer temperatures are very high making trekking to some of these sites would be difficult.

2. Nemrut

Nemrut marks the site of the first-century tomb of King Antiochus I Epiphanes. It is instantly recognizable for its 30-foot high statues of various mythological figures. Over time the head of each figure has fallen to the floor, creating a canvas of fallen mythological heroes.
Nemrut is a UNESCO listed archeological location. It is best visited at sunrise. the first sunrays of the morning make for some dramatic pictures of the stone inhabitants of Nemrut.

3. Ephesus

Ephesus was once the capital of Asia Minor. In truth, Ephesus is a treasure trove of historical sites. It contains the remains of the temple of Artemus, one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Following this, there is the Roman stadium known to many from the bible account contained in the book of Acts. There is also the Celsus library, the huge facade that is almost 2000 years old.

This city has also been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. After 150 years of excavations, it has been confirmed as the most complete Greco-Roman classical city on Earth.

Historic Sites in Turkey and Much More

There are literally hundreds of historical sites in Turkey waiting for you to discover them. If you would like to take a break from your historical travel to swim in crystal-blue seas, you can also do this. If you would like to taste fresh local produce, this is waiting for you too. In truth, Turkey has something for everyone.

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