Planning a Cheap Island Vacation Here’s What You Should Know!

In 2019, there was about $1.1 trillion spent on vacation costs.

Planning a vacation can be an expensive thing, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are many ways that you can save some money.

Planning a cheap island vacation with your loved ones soon? If so, we are here to help. Take a look at what you should know today!

Consider the Season

Before you book one of the best tropical vacations, you should make sure that you consider what time of the year you want to go.

For example, in the Caribbean area, the peak seasons are from December through April. These will be the most expensive and crowded times. However, if you want the cheaper times, you can book in May, June, September, or December.

In July and August, islands normally get busy again from Europeans traveling there.

Cook Your Own Food

One thing that always adds up on vacation is the dinner and the trips.

When you always eat out in restaurants, this can start to add up. You may not be eating as healthy as you normally would either, so this may cause you to gain weight as well.

However, one of the easiest ways to cut costs while on vacation is to make and cook your own food. You can head to a local grocery store and cook for the majority of your meals so you aren’t spending money for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Be Flexible

When planning your trip, it’s always important that you be flexible with the dates. If you can be flexible, then you’ll have more time to find a cheaper hotel, a cheaper flight, or cheap tour rates in general.

You may want to plan all of your itineraries before you go, but you should make sure that’s flexible as well.

Come up with some bucket list items, and then leave a little room for spontaneity. This means that you could have fun experiences without always paying for pricey tourist options.

If you connect with the locals and act like one instead of a tourist, you’ll definitely get more out of your trip.

Find Low-Cost Flights

Lastly, you should make sure that you really do your research to find a cheap flight.

Don’t just use Google for finding a budget flight, but you should make sure that you search all kinds of legit sites. Play around with the dates and the airline company to see what combination will get you to your next vacation destination.

It may also be cheaper to take some connecting flights. For example, it may be cheaper to book a flight to Florida, and then from there book a separate flight to Jamaica or the Caribbeans.

Learn More About Taking an Island Vacation

These are only a few tips to consider when taking an island vacation on a budget. There are many more ways that you can cut costs, but also make sure to remember to splurge a little bit here and there. You are on vacation after all.

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What Does My Travel Insurance Cover?

So, you’ve finally booked that lifelong trip to Machu Picchu, and used up much of your savings to go explore the famed and bewitching Inca trail. You’ve booked all your tours for the next two weeks, packed all your essentials into one bright and spacious duffel bag, and arrive at your Lima hotel only to find that your stomach is in violent disagreement with that salad you had. Or maybe it was that water they served you?

Regardless, you spend the next week bedridden and in intestinal purgatory.

It’s in situations like these that travel insurance can seem like a god send. Those medical bills and non-refundable tours could have been covered with the right travel insurance policy. Nobody ever goes on a trip thinking an accident will occur, but almost everyone is aware that emergencies certainly can happen. So, because the mere possibility of accidents exists— because nature is unpredictable, and our bodies sometimes betray us—it’s always a smart idea to get travel insurance before a trip.

So, what is travel insurance?

Much like other types of insurance, travel insurance acts as a safeguard against any possible disasters, accidents, or emergencies that may occur during your trip, or that may cause you to lose your trip altogether.

You’ll usually spend 4-10 % of your prepaid trip cost on your travel insurance plan, which can seem pricey until you consider the thought of losing a $2,000 trip to unexpected events.

One survey found that although 49% of people have a pretty good or basic idea about what this type of insurance covers, only 7% of them actually bought travel insurance on a regular basis.

Although travel insurance is generally known for providing medical and/or cancellation coverage, plans can vary amongst providers. So let’s break down some of the basic things travel insurance can actually cover..

Medical Coverage

  • Medical Insurance: Covers access to medical facilities in-country.
  • Medical Evaluation: Emergency travel to your hospital of choice around the world.
  • Emergency Dental: Covers broken teeth, infections, etc., usually for up to $1000.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Limited life insurance benefits in case of accidental death. Partial payouts for loss of limbs or appendages
    Repatriation of Remains: Covers the return of bodily remains in case of death.
  • An important caveat to consider with medical coverage is that most insurers will perform background checks looking for any “preexisting conditions” in the last 60-180 days to assess whether you exhibited any prior symptoms before going on your trip.

Cancellation Coverage

  • Cancellation: Provides reimbursements for prepaid and nonrefundable expenses on a trip that had to be called due to a natural disaster, emergency illness, and several other different incidents.
  • Interruption: Covers trips that are unexpectedly interrupted or cut short because of some natural disaster, political event (such as a terrorist incident), or illness. Occasionally, the insurance company will pay for returning the insured back on their trip.
  • “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFR): This pricier coverage will usually only cover 50-75% of the cost of your trip and is aimed at people traveling to riskier or more unpredictable locations.

An almost standard characteristic of travel insurance plans is that they won’t cover the accidents if they were caused by alcohol or drug intoxication. This means that if you missed your flight because you had one too many sangrias the night before, you’re in tough luck.

Credit Cards for Insurance

If you used a credit card to pay for the flight or hotel accommodations — which is the main way to make reservations — then you may be covered if your credit card offers free travel insurance as a perk of being a customer.

A number of travel credit cards provide various types of travel insurance (including car rental loss and damage insurance) when you use your card to pay for flights, rental cars and other travel expenses.

Whichever credit card you use to pay for a flight, remember its travel insurance shouldn’t be a replacement for more comprehensive coverage you can buy yourself from a travel agent or travel insurance company. Read the fine print of your credit card’s travel coverage and make sure any exclusions are covered by your own policy.

In the end, whether its scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or sunbathing on the shores of Ipanema, the unexpected can always occur. Travel insurance can at least help to make sure you get back some of your lost money—and peace of mind.

Discovering the Beauty and Culture Of India

Have you heard people talking about the beauty of Asian countries? If you did, ease all your doubts about trying to travel to Asian Countries. Start with India! India is a country with diverse, safe, and breath-taking beauty from its surrounding up to the people who live there. This country is not just familiar in the Newspaper with its Lottery games and something like Jiofi password or network but also with its place’s most delicate beauty. India has a wide range of aspects to offer, and honestly, your first trip will convince you to go back to that country again.

Where to find India?

The Republic of India is the 7th largest country in the world, according to its geographical area. On the other hand, India is in 2nd place in the most populous country in the world. With its population of 1, 120, 700, 000, it is considered as 17.07% of the people of the world. This is positioned in the Indian subcontinent in south-central Asia. India, located in the eastern and northern hemispheres. This bordered by the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Gulf Mannar, and the countries of Nepal, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar (Burma).

How to travel to India?

Domestic Flights

The domestic flight of India becomes more popular. In many of the famous places in India, people choose to fly instead of taking trains for travel. If you plan to have a flight to India, take note that the baggage limit of around 15kgs. You can use PayPal activate card and pay your flight booking, but still, bring your credit/debit card to as the airlines will ask to see the card you use to make your flight booking.


In India, railways are a massive part of their infrastructure. And without riding on a train in India, it could be a missing part of your travel experience. Booking of tickets to ride a train requires some patience. So you can use a travel agent to book tickets if you come from the other country to prepare ahead of the tickets that you need.


Buses are the best option to get to smaller towns if you don’t have access to the railway. These have a mix of private buses and state-run buses. There are also many overnight sleeper buses for the longer distance routes you will go to.

What are the most popular places in India?

Traveling in India and choosing the place you want to go depends on your interests and preferences. India from the North varies from the South in several ways. India has lots of tourist hotspots. There are some of these spots that considered as valuable from its popularity. That is why we picked those places to feature in this article. But this does not mean that these are the only places you can visit in India. Instead, they are the most visited tourist spots you can try when you traveled to India.

Ajanta Ellora

Ajanta Ellora has a splendid architectural beauty with its Ajanta Caves that have constituted 30 rock-cut cave monuments. Ajanta Ellora is situated in Aurangabad. What makes the place inviting and significant to visit are the paintings and sculptures of the caves. These caves are located in Deccan Plateau. Ajanta Ellora has multiple Buddhists, Jain Temple, and places of worship for Hindu. The fantastic rock cuts cannot undermine the value of these natural gems.


Delhi is one of the most historical places in India. This is also the capital city of India, and the most visited place you can come to explore historic temples, museums, monuments, and open markets. Some of the spots you can visit in Delhi are Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Rajghat, Connaught Place, Humayun’s Tomb, Dilli Haat and many more.


Mysore is located in the base of Chamundi Hills. It renders a fantastic view from there. This place has lots to offer to explore. The most popular tourist attraction of Mysore is Amba Vilas Place. You can also visit Karnataka cultural asset, Chamundeswari Temple, St. Philomena’s Church, Sri Charmarajendra Zoological Gardens, and Brindavan Garden. These are just a few spots you might want to take your selfie with.


Agra is the home of the world’s most beautiful monument, which is the Taj Mahal. This white falls in the list of Seven Wonders of the World. Agra also includes places like Agra Fort, Akbar’s tomb, Ram Bagh, Fatehpur Sikri, and Sikandra Fort. You must not miss watching the sunset or the sunrise view in the Taj Mahal.


Darjeeling considered the “Queen of the Hills.” It has an altitude of 2134meters above sea level. Darjeeling has lots of tea plantations, which is no doubt why this is known to produce the best teas in the world. You can also see may resorts that make Darjeeling be so much attractive and worthwhile. You can visit here the Rock Garden, Toy Train, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Padjama Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Singalila National Park and many more.

Udaipur and Jaipur

If you want to unearth the traditional Diaspora, you must come to Jaipur and Udaipur. This is a beautiful story that does not end, for it does not have died for those fascinating features like the Jal Mahal, Hama Mahal or: Palace of Winds,” and geographical locations. You can witness here the gorgeous forts and palaces that turned into heritage hotels. Surely, you can’t resist stopping at the City of Palace and the Lake Place of Udaipur. Jaipur and Udaipur are the first choices of many travelers though Rajasthan has numerous cities they can discover.


In the Indian context, Kerala is a paradise. This city has been blessed with so much beauty. Some of these are the waterfalls, temples, backwaters, hill stations, and the serene atmosphere that will captivate you. Kerala’s tourist attractions include Wildlife, Plantations, Dishes, Spa and Ayurveda Centers, Local Markets, and a lot more.


Kashmir is one of the dominative destinations in India. It contains green mountainous views, flower gardens, waterfalls, etc. The boat ride in Dal Lake is one of the memorable experiences you will bring home. Some of Kashmir’s hotspots are Sonmarg, Pari Mahal, Gulmarg, Nagin Lake, Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Shankracharya.


Kanyakumari is exceptional for its convergence of the three great bodies of the water. They are the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. The sunrise is spectacular, and you can enjoy the horizon and sunset. These make Kanyakumari inevitable. Some of Kanyakumari’s attractive destinations are Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari Beach, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thirparappu Falls, Bhagavathy Amman, and Vivekananda Rock Memorial.


Goa is a small place, but this does not hinder it from containing excellent spots. Goa has spectacular beaches and offers a delicious variety of seafood. You will surely indulge Alorna Fort, Ancestral Goa Museum, Chapora Fort, Calangute beach, and Arvalem Waterfalls.

The tourist spots mentioned in the list above do not have the intention to compromise the other places of India. They still repute the Indian tourism context in their own surprising ways.

Foods to try when having a vacation in India?

In India, the use of the word “curry” does not focus on one spice instead of a blend of various spices. This seemed to be a magical blend of spices. So, when you travel in India, you have to try their variety of foods but here are some of their delicacies you might want to try first as I was captivated with the excellent taste of these foods:

  • Indian Thali
  • Idli
  • Masala Dosa
  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Curry Mutton
  • Biryani
  • Aloo Paratha
  • South Indian Beef fry

Off-the-beaten-path Tips

Millions of pilgrims come every year to see the undeniable attractions that India is proud to showcase to all the people. Though it is fun to try those famous places in India like Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, there are more than what you expect upon this country. You can find these magical places from the non-stop tourist hustle. You may feel daunting in the well-worn path, but after this travel, you will realize how authentic you became from discovering India. And for you to get out of the box and to see the myriad wonders offered by India, here are the six off-the-beaten-path tips:

  1. Follow the Locals
  2. Travel by Train
  3. Go Gujarati
  4. Island Time
  5. Head to the Northeast
  6. Find the Middle Ground

Bottom Line

India is a vast and distinct country that has to get off the beaten path. You must see the real Indian spark which you won’t see in typical places and travel in its cities. You just have to explore the untouched glamour that this country offers to every visitor they have. The sites are fantastically a treasure that you can discover upon traveling in India. Go and book a flight to experience India’s beauty and bestowed culture.

Are you planning to go to Asian countries? Try first the country, India. This country will surprise you with so much scenery and food to indulge. If you have inquiries with relevance to this article, message us through the comment box below. Have a safe trip pilgrim!

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Tour Package 2020

The Char Dham Yatra by helicopter for 2020 will be going to open for tourists from April 26. According to Hindu mythology, Char Dham yatra is a path to reach moksha (salvation). The four Dhams are located in the Garhwal hills of Uttarakhand. Many devotees from India and around the world are driven to these sites every year. People go to these pilgrimage sites to show their devotion to the almighty. It is believed that going on Chardham Yatra is a way to connect with god.

Chota Char Dham is the most sacred pilgrimage which is done by Hindus. It is a circuit consisting of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Each of the Dham is dedicated to different deities in Uttrakhand. Yamunotri is dedicated to the goddess Yamuna (this river is the 2nd most holy river in India). Hindus believe that having a bath in the Yamuna cleanse them from their sins. The second Dham, Gangotri is dedicated to the goddess Ganga (the most sacred river). The third pilgrimage is Kedarnath, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva (destroyer of evil). The last Dham which is Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (preserver). has a splendid offer of Chardham Yatra by helicopter if you are looking to plan a tour this summer and want to get some religious vibes to bring peace in life. This will be the best option to explore these pilgrimage sites in a comfortable and systematic way. They have served many tourists and have given them several memories to cherish. It will give you in-depth knowledge about mythology with the fantastic experience of nature’s beauty.

The most suitable period to visit Chardham Yatra is from April to June. The weather at this time makes the journey more comfortable. But you should carry some sweaters or warm apparel in case the weather changes.

Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter Tour Package 2020 with

Book a suitable package of Chardham Yatra by helicopter from this year. They have some great packages which are not only budget-friendly but will provide you with the best service and make your journey memorable. This package will cost you approx Rs 1.75,000 per person. The tour is for 5 days and 4 nights which will cover each of the Dhams in a well-planned manner. Your tour will start and end at the same place i.e Dehradun.

Why to choose

  • Transport and accommodation facilities
  • Unbeatable price
  • Appetizing meals
  • Well behaved guides

Itinerary for Chardham Yatra by helicopter

Day 1: Arrival day at Dehradun

Travel guides pick you from the railway station or the airport of Dehradun and drop you at a luxurious hotel. You can explore the nearby area and can take pleasure in the scenic beauty of Dehradun.

Day 2: Yamunotri Dham

The tourist guide makes sure that you reach the Sahastradhara helipad at Dehradun from where you will take the helicopter to reach Yamunotri (Kharsali). This is the first destination of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

After having a delicious breakfast, you will trek for 5 km to get to Yamunotri. During the trek, you will be pleased with the beauty of nature.

After having darshan of Yamunotri, the guide will take you back to the hotel. Explore the ancient Shani temple.

Day 3: Gangotri Dham

On the 2nd day, you will be going to Gangotri from Kharsil helipad by helicopter. From the Harsil helipad, you will go to your hotel. You will have a VIP darshan of Gangotri by cab. Gangotri Dham is the second destination of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter.

Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of hills and water which will enthrall you. Have a cozy dinner at the hotel and relax because the next day you are going to Kedarnath.

Day 4: Kedarnath Dham

The helicopter will land in Guptakshi. From Guptkashi it will take less than 15 mins to reach Kedarnath, this is the third destination of Chardham Yatra by helicopter.

Kedarnath will welcome you with its mountains covered with snow. The scene will be breathtaking. In Kedarnath temple, you will attend the Jal Abhishek and pray for yourself.

Kedarnath will surely bring a religious zest in you. After darshan, you can go to the hotel booked at Guptkashi.

Day 5: Badrinath Dham

The last pilgrimage site is Badrinath. The views of the Himalayas in the city of Narayana are alluring and peaceful.

The travel agent will make sure that you reach the hotel safely and have your breakfast.
Then you will move to the Badrinath temple to have VIP darshan.

Mana village and Vishnu Sahasranamam path are near Badrinath and you can explore them too. The day will end in a luxurious hotel.

The last day of the trip includes breakfast at the hotel following which you will return to Dehradun after completing your Char Dham Yatra tour by helicopter 2020.

Guidelines and travel tips for Chardham Yatra by helicopter

  • Carry a medical kit with you.
  • Take some warm clothes as air may get cold or the weather may change.
  • Provide valid documents and information.

Terms and conditions of Chardham Yatra

  • No more than 6 tourists are allowed in the helicopter.
  • Only 5kg of luggage is allowed in the chopper. Avoid trolly bags.
  • Timings may vary due to various reasons.

Char Dham Yatra is a holy pilgrimage for Hindus but nowadays people from every religion visit Chardham. This tour is about going on a journey to connect with God and nature. Chota Chardham Yatra is a tour of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath. Chota Char Dham lies in the lap of mountains which makes the tour more beautiful. This religious journey will have a positive impact on your life. works to make this experience more memorable and pleasant. The services offered by them are outstanding and you will be very happy to choose them as your travel agent. They have catered to many customers since 2006 and have given them a fantastic experience. So don’t wait and plan your vacation with

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