7 Beautiful Sights to Visit in Lithuania

Lithuania has a rich history. It is actually the first republic to break away from the Soviet Union in the year 1990. Since then, this country has been thriving in numerous ways. Tourism is one of the main activities in this country. People travel across the globe to experience adventure in this country. Lithuania still houses numerous relics that remind people of the Soviet period.

This country also houses other beautiful sights. They are monasteries, beautiful churches and palaces. These sights are spread across the country. Lithuania also has a couple of UNESCO world heritage sites. There are seven beautiful sights in Lithuania that are visited throughout the year. You should also check them out while in this country.

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Top 5 Must-visit Attractions in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is more of a principality than a country. It is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. Much of this independent state is covered with wild vegetation and Alpine forest. This principality also has an interesting history. Tourists flock this country throughout the year for different types of adventure that leave lasting memories. You can enjoy snowboarding, skiing and walk in this principality. There are also monuments distributed across Liechtenstein. Out of all attractive sites in Liechtenstein, there are five sites that stand out. You must make an effort of visiting each and every site listed below while in this principality.
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6 Top-rated Destinations That You Should Visit in Kosovo

Kosovo is one of the hidden gems in Europe. This is the youngest country in Europe. Kosovo was once known for different kinds of war. However, things have drastically changed after its independence in the year 2008. This young European nation has a lot of highly rated tourist destinations. You don’t have to worry about your safety in this country. It is currently one of the safest European countries. There are also numerous ways of touring Kosovo. Check out the top six rated destinations in Kosovo you must visit.
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Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Ireland is Europe’s most westerly outpost and is known for its physical beauty, with vast areas of unspoiled wilderness, dotted with romantic ruins. The country also boasts one of Europe’s liveliest capital cities, Dublin, where the population is becoming more diverse, adding new strands to its already thriving arts and music scene.
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17 Most Attractive Places That You Must Visit in Italy

Italy has grown over the years as a fashion country. It is also known for its long Mediterranean coast. This European country also has ancient ruins and significant landmarks. The Vatican church is also located in Italy. This country has been a tourist hub for years. There are 17 places you must visit while in this country
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12 Beautiful Destinations That You Should Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a well known country in Europe. It is known for its rich Viking history and beautiful landscapes such as volcanoes, national parks and glaciers among others. There are also some breathtaking destinations in Iceland. Some twelve beautiful destinations in this country stand out. Ensure you check out some of these destinations when in Iceland.
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Best 9 Places to Visit in Hungary

Hungary is located in central Europe. This country gained popularity because of its rich traditional culture. Hungary also has one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. In fact, some of their traditions are exhibited on buildings. This is visible when you tour across this country. Hungary also has top monuments and attraction sites. These sites and monuments draw people across the globe to this part of central Europe. There are also fun activities all throughout the year in this country. You will also be privileged to try out different delicacies, both traditional and modern.
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19 Stunning Places That You Should Visit in Greece

Greece is located in the Southern east part of Europe. It is cemented in the books of history the birthplace of ancient civilization and democracy. Well; Greece has more to offer. It houses plenty of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. There are also plenty of ancient ruins and historical sites on different parts of the country. Some places stand out and are worth your time and resources whenever you are in Greece.
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Must-see Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is one of the most visited countries in Europe. This is because of its deep history, impressive culture and plenty of attraction sites and tours around the country. There are also plenty of medieval castles, deep forests and picturesque towns. Germany is also known for its marvelous beer brands. Architecture across this country is undeniable. Let us start our tour around Germany.
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8 Stunning Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia is a country that intercepts both Europe and Asia. However, a large fraction of the country covers Europe. Georgia has a rich history, bearing in mind it was once part of the Soviet Union. Its beautiful mountain sceneries across the country will definitely leave you amazed. People travel from all over the globe to admire the unique mountain sceneries in Georgia. The black sea beaches also attract people to this peaceful country. Well; Georgia has more to offer than its mountain sceneries and black sea beaches.
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