Explore Adventurous and Beautiful Places in Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga appeals to travelers wanting to escape popular South Pacific destinations frequented by luxury seeking tourists. While it’s relatively easy to get to the Kingdom of Tonga, a visit to the islands is recommended for only those willing to forgo the comforts of hotel living and embrace the incredible adventures of the […]

7 Delightful Places to Visit in Solomon Islands

Do you intend on visiting the Solomon Islands? If yes, this guide tour will help you gather top places in the country you should visit. Solomon Islands nation has plenty of Islands and Second World War sites. This country also has rich and diverse nature. Ensure you visit the below delightful places while in the […]

Samoa Travel Guide : 8 Beautiful Places to Visit

Samoa is a beautiful country situated in Pacific Ocean and particularly the southern part. This country has unique and breathtaking islands. There are also different wildlife species, waterfalls, lakes, volcanic caves, rainforests and gorges around the country. Samoa has severally been listed as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Complete Travel Guide of New Zealand: Explore Things to Do and See

Black sand beaches, white snow capped mountains, still lakes, thunderous waves, creaking glaciers and smoking volcanoes. And, of course, hobbits. New Zealand is at times almost impossibly beautiful. It’s a picturesque paradise at the bottom of the world, 4,000 kilometres away from its biggest neighbour, Australia.

The Ultimate Travel Guide of French Polynesia

French Polynesia is one of the Pacific’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s made up of 118 islands covering over 6,400 square kilometers. Soaring volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs, and emerald lagoons provide some of the South Pacific’s most spectacular scenery. These islands are where you find those picturesque bungalows on stilts over blue lagoons. It’s a […]

15 Cool and Unusual Things to Do and See in Fiji

With its turquoise waters, glittering sands and luxe resorts, Fiji is similar to many other tropical getaways. Likewise, the set of 333 islands caters to lovebirds of all kinds. Plus, adventure-seekers, like surfers and divers, appreciate the archipelago’s quality waves and coral reefs. But Fiji differs from other island destinations in its other-worldliness.